"Sherwood- the Adventures of Robin Hood" by Ken Ludwig

November 16, 2020 @ 9:00AM — November 30, 2020 @ 9:00AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

By popular demand! The Covid Cast RETURNS to present this swashbuckling tale ONLINE Thanksgiving Weekend!

"Sherwood- the Adventures of Robin Hood" by Ken Ludwig image

Keep the Stage Left story going and reach 1000 Views of our online smash hit, "Sherwood. The adventures of Robin Hood" by Ken Ludwig.

There are currently no tickets available for this event, but you can still make a donation.

"We may be few, but we be merry!" -Sir Robin of Locksley

Weekend 1- 27 Views
Weekend 2- 166 Views
Weekend 3- ??? Views
Will you keep the Stage Left Story going and become one of the next 807 VIEWS?

"Robin Hood" also known to locals as Paul Dahman calls men, women and children and asks, "Do you have the courage to join Stage Left Players in 'a sacred duty to preserve England until our true sovereign King Richard returns to claim his throne'? Will you join us online as we dare to expand community theatre from the Village of Lisbon, Ohio to the entire world?"

If you have what it takes- COURAGE, a decent INTERNET CONNECTION and a few BUCKS ... then reserve your 24 hour video link for Thanksgiving weekend, November 27, 28 & 29, 2020 to cavort and frolic with Robin and his Stage Left Friends in "Sherwood- the Adventures of Robin Hood!"

For while the Trinity Playhouse doors remain closed to the public during the 2020 pandemic, Stage Left Players' Covid Cast has rehearsed in small, socially distanced numbers and video recorded the slightly epic/mostly funny production.

Here's how to Purchase your 24 Hour Video Link-

  • SELECT the SHOW DATE (The link becomes active at 9 AM for the show date purchased.) The BASIC FEE for the LINK is the Peasant Rate of $10.
  • ADDITIONAL DONATION-We hope that you will find it in your heart (and your pocket) to make an additional donation for each person who is viewing our production with you- just like you would reserve seats at the playhouse.
  • SWASHBUCKLING DUO- suggested additional donation of $10
  • TROUBADOUR TRIO- suggested additional donation of $20
  • MERRY BAND OF STAGE LEFT FRIENDS- suggested donation of... you get the idea.

Yea, verily, we owe much thanks to Sherwood's brilliant playwright Ken Ludwig, and the ruling Majesties of Concord Theatricals for granting us permission to video and release our humble, yet highly entertaining performance. And many thanks to the Ohio Arts Council, Governor Mike DeWine, and our Ohio legislators who support the arts and sustain us with continued and much needed funding.

And forsooth, we are in debt to you, the ever growing band of Stage Left Friends who support our tireless and creative efforts to keep community theatre alive during these DARK times. Rest assured, the stage of the Trinity Playhouse is NOT DARK, but vibrant with LED lights shining on swashbuckling stage combat and socially distanced romance, by a local cast of people and... well... let's just say it, "puppets." (How else do you safely round out a cast during a pandemic?)