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Calling all Stage Left Friends!

Your donation will help us keep the Trinity Playhouse as "home, sweet home."

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Transforming, Inspiring and Connecting People through Community Theatre

The magic of LIVE performance came to an abrupt alt at the Trinity Playhouse on March 13, 2020. During the COVID-19 quarantine, the historic building fell eerily silent, leaving the mammoth trees of Sherwood Forest to cast shadows from the ghost light across an empty stage. Carefully stage-crafted bows and arrows lie ready in the wings. Medieval costumes fill the racks. Not a Stage Left Player in sight to tell this story of “… the Adventures of Robin Hood” in sight.

April passed. May arrived. Though we were stunned by the realization that our season had ended, we did what Stage Left Players have always done- we worked together (at a socially safe distance.) With no show revenue in sight, we had enough in the bank account to keep us going through July. We had to figure out how to raise funds to cover the $1470 in monthly bills.

So we asked our supporters “What’s YOUR Stage Left Story?” “How has Stage Left impacted your life? Your children?” And they shared their stories AND resources to raise $3185! We could pay the bills through September! Surely the Trinity Playhouse would open it's doors and ready to roll out a blockbuster 29th season.

We all know that today we cannot use the word "surely." Nothing is for certain- except this. Stage Left Players will continue to make creative and healthy artistic endeavors to transform, inspire and connect people through community theatre. Here's what we've done so far!

June 2020- Our K-8 original musical, "Hey, Li'l Red!" via Zoom & Green Screen. Twenty-six kids went out an online adventure to sing and dance in original and twisted fairy tale. CLICK HERE to enjoy a preview trailer.

July 2020- Our 3-8 summer musical theatre camp, "Kidz on Broadway!" with safe practices in place at the Playhouse, Green Screen & LED Screen. When Governor DeWine allowed day camps for kids, we wrapped our heads around how to hold KOB safely and also perform in front of an audience- Drive In style!

August 2020- Planning for an ONLINE 29th Season. We were given the online performance rights to "Sherwood- the Adventures of Robin Hood"! Our actors are back to memorizing lines and our directing staff is figuring out a schedule and staging that will keep actors safe and audiences entertained. Also another kid fairy tale original and one of our original holiday specials will become available for home screen viewing.

We are not giving up! The need for Stage Left Friend support has never been greater. And while our story has taken an unpredictable turn, with your help it won’t come to an end.

We’re asking you to do three things:

1. Continue to share your story of how Stage Left has impacted your life with your friends and family.

2. Share this Donation link to your family and friends through Social Media, text or email.

3. Click the "Donate" button to make your donation and keep Stage Left’s story going. Think about this- 300 Friends at $5 a month will meet our monthly expenses.

Join our Facebook friends who have pledged $5-10 a month. 300 Friends at $5 per month will pay the bills and reopen the Trinity Playhouse doors when it’s safe to do so. Thank you for your support. Our story’s not over yet. With your help, this will become a compelling chapter we will talk about for years to come.